Sunday, 9 May 2010


Yesterday I stumbled across Copy and Paste and found they were having a weekend party! It looks like a lot of fun so I thought I'd join in. As I'm just rediscovering blogland it's great to find places to go for inspiration. I'm hoping to get more involved in the party later but for now here are my answers to a few of the questions they asked......

I'm inspired by nature and it surprises me that it can still surprise me.

I'm always late but I'm never too late to make the most of what's left.

I've got lots of curls but I've always wanted straight hair.

I tried to give up red wine and it nearly drove me insane.

If I never get to the end of my to do list it will be no surprise.

I didn't want children and now I have three!

It's not that I'm anti social but I'd really rather enjoy my own company than endure the company of some people.

Doing my own thing makes me a happy bunny.

Someone once told me not to and then I did it anyway.

I'm happy to say that life is good and even when I moan I know how lucky I am.

I've also signed up to Shimelle's 'Blogging For Scrapbookers' and have been messing about with the look of my blog. Not completely happy yet but getting there.


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Donna - it's great that you found us! You're very welcome - glad you could join in the party.

It's been fun to see how the 'I tried .... but..' question has had a lot of people confessing about what they couldn't give-up! I love that you 'did it anyway' too! Hope it turned out how you planned.

See you around the party somewhere later ... I'll be mingling....

Julie :)

Sally said...

I like the colours Donna - keep fiddling it will get better!!

Alison said...

Great answers, Donna - I could so have written your number 3!

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Donna - just wanted to check that you got your bag kit in the post last week? I hope you've been having fun creating with it.

Julie :)