Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Photo At Last

At last I've found a minute of daylight to photograph and upload the cover of my LSNED book. The pages inside are also cut and ready to be decorated.
I am enjoying this class so much more than I expected to, even though my lessons are all still in my notebook and not yet on decorated pages. It's really making me think about life's everyday little events that normally pass me by. There's only been one day so far where my 'lesson' wasn't obvious but involved a little deeper contemplation.
Today I learnt that for me, as a Mum, sending my baby off to her first day of secondary school was equally as emotional as her first day of primary school. Who would have thought that? She was only four when I handed her over to her first teacher - I was bound to be emotional about that. She's almost 12 now, I expected that today would present no problem. Wrong. I keep thinking of that Abba song, 'Slipping Through My Fingers', and it makes me cry. Silly isn't it? 


Sian said...

No, not silly at all :) It's just part of a mum's job I think

Jo said...

I don't think it's silly, I was the same and I even got emotional on her last day of secondary school when I knew she be back there for sixth form the following year! I love your cover

Michelle said...

Ur not silly, just a fab Mum :)
Ur covers fab, c u again soon

Alison said...

Love that cover..and no, being emotional comes with the job!
alison xx