Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop

Some of the Ds I love:

Daisies, daffodils and dandylions,
Dalmations, dolphins and  dragonflies,
Dancing, daydreaming and doodling,
Dinner, dark chocolate and desserts,
Disney, Dr.Who and dressing up.

What's your favourite D?

D is an important letter to me - it's my initials - both of them! It's also the first letter of my Mum's name and it was my Dad's too. I guess they liked the letter D a lot to give it to me too, although there is a funny story about how I came to be Donna. I'll save that for another time though because today is all about the alphanumeric blog hop which began on Mel's blog. 
Surprise! I was given the letter D - and why not? It's my letter :-)
I hope you're enjoying the hop. Your next stop is to see Miss Smith, Better be on your best behaviour!

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Note: If any of the posts aren't up yet, please bear with us - the different time zones and the peculiarity of blogging platforms when it comes to autoposts may mean that one or two posts don't appear on time! If that's the case, come back to this list to pick up from the next blog, but do please pop back and try the other link later, when the post should be there for your enjoyment.


humel said...

Delightful post, thank you! I love your photo, and hooray that D was such a special letter to you - that works out well!

helena said...

delightful set of Ds - a day of dancing, daydreaming and doodling would be devine

Karen said...

Love the poem with all the D's. How wonderful that you got such a meaningful letter!

debs14 said...

Delightful! Speaking as a 'D' myself, I can't think of a better letter!

Mary B said...

I love your petal letter.

Ginger said...

Your flower petals look so Delicate! Lovely post for the letter D!

Jinnag said...

Delightful post - my favourite D is Dancing with my dearest - he's a D to! Jen x

furrypig said...

Divine post! Daffs are my favourite flowers I love lots of your D's too. Thanks Donna xxx

Miriam said...

daisy's daffodils and dandelions, delightful post! x

qwiksave said...

OOh, wonder what the funny story about your name is? Lots of D's in your family, good choice for you. Great poem. x

Melissa said...

What a darling post - enjoyed all your favorite "D" things. I enjoy drinking (Coca-Cola - the real thing), designing (scrapbook layouts) and driving (on road trips).

Gail said...

Love your "D" photo and your favourite "D" things. Love daffodils and just waiting for them to bloom here.

jillconyers said...

Love the floral D.

Rachel B said...

That's a lovely list of D's :)

Clair said...

You had me at desserts :)

Xnomads said...

My favorite letter 'd' is dogs, though I've never had one as a pet. I have had two different honorary pet German Shepherds! Margie xx

Cheri said...

My favorite D's? - my three Daughters and my sister Deanna. I'm rather partial to a lot of the ones in your list as well!

Sian said...

My favourite D? well, when we were feeling daring as kids we would call our mum "Big D" because her name starts with a D. We used to think that was hilarious lol

Happy Hopping Donna

jo said...

Delicious blog post - loved hearing about your favourite D's.

Carrie Rosalind said...

I love the letter D, and this was a darling post about it! :)

Alison said...

That did indeed work well for you! Great post!
Alison xx

Peonies and Pennies said...

Love the poem of D's Dr Who definitely a favourite in this house ~c~

Michelle said...

Fab post! Love the petal D :)

Amy said...

D is special for me too - love the floral D - quite unique!

Rachel Holaday said...

Delightful! Especially love the picture. My favorite D is probably Doodlebug- a nickname I use for my older son.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Those D's are some of my favorite things, too!

WendyB said...

Great little post and it's reminded me I need to set Dr Who up to record :-)

Lisa Echerd said...

Dark chocolate would have to be the winner!