Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sixty Easter Cards!

I'm very lucky to have a job that I love - I'm a primary school teacher. We do have lots of important stuff to do like numeracy, literacy, science etc, etc, BUT... every now and again we get to play. With paper! One of those times is Easter. We have to make Easter cards. This year we had to make a lot of Easter cards!
The children always make a card to take home but this year we had also arranged to make cards for children from a school in Manchester who sent us Chinese New Year cards. Thirty children in my class, two cards each - that's a lot of cards. And that's not taking into account the Easter baskets we had to make to carry home their Easter goodies.
Now I'm guessing that most of you are like me and make quite a lot of mess when you are creating. Well imagine that mess multiplied by thirty. Are you seeing the scene of devastation that was my classroom this morning? Oh yes - we can sure make mess in Year 5! Still, we can also tidy it up with a little help from the Magic Mess game and the 'Everybody has to pick up twenty pieces of paper from the floor' rule.
It was all worth it in the end as they went home clutching their cards and baskets for a well earned two week break.
Here is the card I made for them as a sample.
And here are some of the children's cards hanging on a specially erected line in the classroom because we had no space to stand them all up!


Alison said...

I can just see it...having used to be a teacher I know only too well how your classroom will have looked-but the end results look worth it!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

I used to love Easter and Christmas when I was teaching children [I now teach adults] as they both meant lots of 'crafty' fun.Love the cards you all made.

Jinnag said...

I know just what you mean - as I am working in a school too! Love your card and am sure 30 little ones did too1

Carol Anne said...

What fun! I miss all those Easter and Christmas craft projects. Lovely card!

Sian said...

A lovely card - and a fab photo of the resulting creations! I did Easter cards when I was taking Eco-club once (slightly tenuous Easter connection ther I know lol) and the mess was very un0eco by the end of it!

Kimberlee said...

Wow... what a lot of cards. That is a great project. What fun!