Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothering Sunday and Sewing.

It's been a lovely weekend here - birthdays, anniversaries and Mothering Sunday all in one weekend! We've had several meals out and more than a few celebratory drinks.
There was a family service at church which was very child centred and included sunflower seed planting, face painting and church hugging! Have you ever tried that?
Apparently it was a medieval custom and we revived it for a day. I'm not a regular church goer but living next door but one to the village church, I usually go along for special events like Mothering Sunday and Christmas. All Mums and Grandmas were given a posie, a packet of sunflower seeds and a card by the children.
All of that was lovely and the gifts of a book, CD and DVD from the three small people were fab BUT...... my favourite thing of today was this:
She dates from 1913 and works perfectly. She was given to me by a friend to use at school with the children. I just can't get over how beautiful she is.
I hope you had a lovely Mother's day too!


Rachel Holaday said...

Wow-that's a beautiful machine. Sadly, I don't sew, but that is certainly a piece of usable art!

scrappyjacky said...

A gorgeous machine...I have a similar one that was my mother's.

Jinnag said...

Love your sewing machine - and yes I too had a lovely Mothering Sunday.

Michelle said...

That sewing machine is lovely! I have one gathering dust in my attic, I must get it down...