Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Better Late Than Never.

I have promised myself I will absolutely make time to be creative this year. When you're out of the habit of creating it's difficult to get started sometimes. I occasionally sit here surrounded by mountains of tools and stash with an hour or so to spare but just can't kick start my mojo and instead waste that precious time surfing the net. Not this year - OK?
In an effort to get me going I decided to join in the 52 Card Challenge 2012 over on UKS. The first few weeks of January have flown past with no spare time but yesterday, at last, I managed some time to create! I'm late, but I've caught up and have made and photographed my first three cards - hurrah! Very happy to be making again.

Week One: new, circles, scallops

The circles and scallops speak for themselves. The new was using my new Martha Stewart Scoreboard to make the rosette.

Week Two: primary colour, handmade embellie, journaling spot

OK - not that much of the primary colour but I made the little flower paper clip thingy (it's actually a book mark) and stamped Happy Birthday on the journaling card.

Week Three: bunting, banners, flags
I absolutely loved the inspiration pictures for this challenge! Gorgeous little flags and banners and all sorts of clever little ideas. I feel a few more cards coming on inspired by this week's ideas.


Julia said...

Well done for catching up and you have made some lovely cards. I have the same goal of spending less time surfing and more time creating but it's proving a hard habit to break lol!

Natty said...

Glad you liked the inspiration Donna, well done on the catch-up these cards are fab! :D